Arab currency rates in the middle of trading today, November 19


settled Arab currency rates , against the Egyptian pound in the middle of trading today, Friday, November 19.

Today’s News Portal publishes Arab currency rates, according to the latest rates of exchange companies affiliated with banks

And the price of the Saudi riyal was about 4.18 pounds for purchase, and 4.19 pounds for sale, and the price of the Kuwaiti dinar reached about 49.25 pounds for purchase, and 52.05 pounds for sale, and the price of the Emirati dirham scored about 4.26 pounds for purchase, 4.28 pounds for sale.

While the Bahraini dinar recorded 40.41 pounds for purchase, 41.75 pounds for sale, the Omani riyal recorded 39.69 pounds for purchase, 40.88 pounds for sale, and the Qatari riyal recorded 4.01 pounds for purchase, 4.32 pounds for sale, while the Jordanian dinar recorded 21.75 pounds for purchase, 22.21 pounds for sale.

The prices of Arab currencies witnessed a state of discrepancy between the rise and fall during the transactions of the last period, according to the supply and demand mechanism that banks follow in determining the rates of foreign and Arab currencies against the Egyptian pound since the exchange rate was liberalized on November 3, 2016.

Globally, the US dollar index ended this week’s trading lower (-0.31%) on the back of weak industrial production data in the US released earlier this week.

And Bloomberg Agency confirmed that, as a result of increased expectations that other central banks will tighten their monetary policy at a faster pace than the Federal Reserve, the value of the Japanese yen increased by (+0.63%).

Bloomberg indicated that the Japanese yen, known as a safe haven asset, made gains this week as escalating inflation fears slightly affected sentiment.

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