Appoint the parties and banks on the captain


  9 lawyers decided to compete for the position of captain in Beirut (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed)</p><div><p>Elections are held <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">Bar </a>In Lebanon, tomorrow, Sunday, with the participation of the "Coalition of Independent Forces for Change" emanating from <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">The uprising of October 17, 2019</a>And a number of "independent candidates", many of whom are supported, either openly or under the table, by Lebanese parties, according to lawyers.<br/>In the Beirut Syndicate, 38 candidates are competing in the first round for 9 seats out of 11 for the council's membership, as there are two members whose terms have not yet expired.  Nine candidates will also compete for five seats in the retirement fund committee, provided that in the second session, and on the same day, the president will be elected from among the winners of the board's membership.  Knowing that nine candidates announced running for the position of captain, 4 of them were former members of the Syndicate Council.<br/>Some see the union election as a test of the pulse for the upcoming parliamentary elections, in light of attempts to uphold immunities, and politicize the judiciary to discourage it from achieving justice in files, including <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">Beirut port explosion</a>Corruption cases, and banks confiscation of depositors' money.

The elections were delayed due to the Corona pandemic and the economic crisis, as announced, while lawyers confirm to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that they were “deliberately postponed for political reasons.” The elections were preceded by a public debate between the candidates to present their electoral programs. Lawyers expressed their dissatisfaction with the lunch and dinner invitations witnessed by these elections for more than 1200 lawyers, while a number of lawyers are unable to pay their subscription fees due to the difficult economic conditions in the country.
Lawyer Ali Abbas told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that, “The Bar Association enjoys a peculiarity that makes the electoral process governed by three main factors, which are the personal relationships between lawyers, the strength of the influence of former captains, and the active role played by major law firms. As for political parties, they establish as usual. alliances, and exchanging votes, either openly or from under the table.

Expectations after the volume of participation exceeded 4 thousand lawyers

Abbas added: “We are waging the battle with the list (our union) that brings together the forces of change and independent clubs within the union, including the Jurists Club. The list consists of 6 candidates for council membership and a candidate for the retirement fund committee. We adopted the candidacy of Musa Khoury and Ramzi Heikal for the position of captain, but we did not We will make our choice yet, and we will support the strongest candidate between them, according to what the results of the members’ elections will reveal.”
Abbas stresses that “the elections are a battle for the access of qualified people who are able to bring about a state of change in the union in line with the state of change in the country, away from settlements, deals, quotas and red lines set by politicians. We want a real renaissance, especially as we live in a difficult phase, the profession is collapsing, and offices are closed.” Our doors are closed, and we are experiencing a major health insurance crisis.”

For his part, the candidate for the council’s membership, Jad Tohme, explains that “the number of lawyers registered in the syndicate is about 8600, and the number of those who have paid their subscriptions and thus are entitled to vote is close to 7500. However, it is expected that the volume of participation will not exceed 4,000 lawyers due to the weather conditions, Corona pandemic, and the gasoline crisis.”

Tohme told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “The entitlement carries several challenges, including the consolidation of justice, the independence of the judiciary, and the prevention of political interference in the judiciary. The Beirut port crime reflected the clearest picture of this interference. The Syndicate cannot remain silent about people’s deposits in banks. And it must pressure to take judicial measures, and this is why it is said that the elections are subject to the influence of political parties, the influence of banks, and most importantly that lawyers and their families are threatened in their health insurance due to the loopholes that have accompanied the work of the cooperative fund since its launch in 2015, and there are issues related to the immunity of the lawyer, and its relationship to the judiciary.

Sectarianism is more evident in the northern elections

In a related context, the lawyers of the north of Lebanon are fighting their electoral battle, tomorrow, Sunday, to choose four members, including the captain (two Christians and two Muslims), and a member of the Pension Fund Committee. The battle of the Bar Association in the north is somewhat different from that in Beirut, as partisanship and sectarianism are more present in it.
One of the area’s lawyers, who preferred not to be named, revealed that Suhair Derbas, a candidate for membership in the Syndicate Council, is supported by the revolutionary movements, but she was previously affiliated with the Azm Movement (affiliated with Prime Minister Najib Mikati), and her husband is close to the Marada Movement. Ghassan Akkari, who presents himself as a candidate for the revolution, supports the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, while the Lebanese Forces Party supports Joseph Abdo, lawyer Joseph Abdo for the captain position, and the Future Movement supports the candidates Munir al-Husseini and Marwan Daher, while the Free Patriotic Movement supports the candidate. The former, on behalf of “Al-Marada”, is the lawyer Boutros Faddoul.
The same lawyer points out that the Marada Movement (affiliated with Suleiman Franjieh) nominated the position of Captain Marie Therese al-Qawwal, knowing that she is close to the former minister Youssef Fenianos, who is wanted by the judiciary in the case of the explosion in the port of Beirut, which created resentment among some lawyers, on the grounds that he The Marada movement may not win a captain for lawyers while it obstructs the achievement of justice.


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