An American study refutes the hypothesis of China and identifies “patient zero” in Corona


An American study refutes the China hypothesis and identifies

AP Ng Han Guan

A study conducted by an American scientist identified a person in the Chinese city of Wuhan who is considered “patient zero” with the Corona virus, in contradiction to the hypothesis of Chinese doctors in this regard.

وخلصت Study the world Michael Worubi The first known case of the virus, which was published by Science magazine, was that of a seafood merchant in Huanan Market in Wuhan, who was transferred to hospital on December 11, 2019.

The study indicated that the woman said she was aware of several other possible cases of the new infection in hospitals near the market and that patients had been transferred from the market to Union Hospital on December 10.

In his study, Worubi identified 19 early cases of “Covid-19”, ten of which were linked to the Wuhan market.

In his study, the American scientist denied the hypothesis of Chinese doctors that “patient zero” is an accountant at the age of 41, residing 30 km from the Huanan market.

Warubi indicated that this person sought refuge in the hospital on the eighth of December, not because of the appearance of symptoms of corona infection with him, but for dental treatment, and symptoms of “Covid-19” appeared on him on December 16, and he was transferred to the hospital on December 22, and this is confirmed by medical documents.

Source: RT


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