An academic confirms the effects of Covid 19 on mental health


Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences at the Arabian Gulf University, Prof. Dr. Mariwan Hosni, confirmed that the Covid-19 pandemic has a significant and direct impact on the mental health of the general public, pointing to the decline in mental health of many community groups, health care workers and front lines to confront the pandemic and individuals. Living in isolation or psychological and nervous disorders in particular.

Dr. Mariwan Hosni, during his participation in the Scientific Forum of Psychiatry, which was organized in conjunction with the global celebration of Mental Health Day under the slogan “Mental health care for all, to make this slogan a reality” outlined the effects of Covid 19 on mental health and its repercussions on career life, business and university studies.

During the lecture, he reviewed the continuous and unremitting efforts made by the Arab Gulf University to support mental health in the university community in cooperation with its partners in the Bahraini Ministry of Health to provide the best psychological services during the pandemic, to ensure safety in the student, academic and administrative community, until it presented a model and a success story that provided all possibilities to address anyone. The most important and largest emergency crises in the world.

He said: “During the pandemic, the Arab Gulf University provided one of the best lessons learned when it harnessed all efforts and quickly to activate all preventive measures, including mental health, to translate the belief in the importance of investing in cadres in various circumstances, whether those circumstances were normal and safe or in times of crises, and live with them positively and more productively so that the educational process continues without any obstacles.

He explained the nature of psychological complications and their relationship to the social and health levels, noting that the celebration of the World Mental Health Day is a favorable opportunity to highlight the importance of mental health and the need to spread awareness of the nature of mental health issues, stressing the importance of concerted efforts among all relevant sectors, especially research centers to Raising the level of psychological health services as a basic pillar of achieving the concept of comprehensive health.


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