American rapper Young Dolph was killed in a candy store


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American rapper Young Dolph was shot dead Wednesday while inside a sweets shop in Memphis, Tennessee, local authorities announced.

And the Memphis police said in a statement that members of the Memphis police rushed “at 12.24 hours on November 17, 2021 to the place where the shooting took place,” where “a wounded man was found, and his death was confirmed at the same location.”

“Initial information indicates that the victim is Adolf Robert Thornton Jr.”, better known by his stage name Young Dolph, authorities said.

Young Dolph, 36, who was born in Chicago and grew up in Memphis, had just entered the Makeda biscuit store, as was his custom, when a gunman appeared and shot him, local newspapers reported.

The police confirmed that they have no information at the moment about the suspect.

The rapper achieved fame through a number of songs, most notably “Major”, and thanks to his album “Rich Slave”, which was released in 2020, and quickly topped the Billboard 200 music rating.

The artist had previously survived two shooting incidents in 2017, one in Charlotte, North Carolina, where his car was hit by 100 bullets, according to the American media, and the other in Los Angeles, where he was hit by three bullets.

A number of celebrities in the rap world offered their condolences on social media, including American rapper Gucci.



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