After excluding his candidacy for the presidency of Libya, these are the steps of the Gaddafi team


distance Announcement of the High Electoral Commission in Libya Yesterday, Wednesday, when Seif al-Islam Gaddafi was excluded from running in the country’s presidential elections, attention turned to the team of Gaddafi’s son and the steps he will take legally.

In this context, Al learned that the defense team for Gaddafi He will file an appeal with the competent judicial authorities against the commission’s decision to exclude him from the race scheduled for next month, on the grounds that the conditions for candidacy are not met.

There is no ruling at all

Lawyer Khaled Al-Ghwail told that the commission’s decision, which was based on Article 10 of the Presidential Election Law, is a legal violation and does not apply to Saif al-Islam, given that his client has not issued any final judicial ruling against him for a felony or crime, as he showed. With a certificate of criminal status proving that he is free of any precedents.

He also indicated that an appeal would be submitted to the judicial committees concerned with electoral appeals, against this exclusion decision, describing it as a “political decision.”

In addition, he considered that “the battle is still going on, and the Libyans will be desperate to defend their candidate’s right to run in the elections,” according to him.

shredding ballot papers

shredding ballot papers

He stressed the existence of names that do not meet the conditions, but their candidacy papers were accepted, questioning the integrity and independence of the Electoral Commission.

The stage of appeals and objections to the appeals committees appointed by the Supreme Judicial Council opens on the 28th of this month, provided that the committee issues its decision within 72 hours.

The decision to exclude Saif al-Islam from the electoral race sparked anger among his supporters and supporters, as some of them tore and burn their electoral cards, in protest against this decision, while others threatened to close the polls in the event of continued exclusion.

“Article 10…and the final conviction”

It is noteworthy that Article 10 of the President’s Election Law stipulates that the candidate must not be “convicted by a final judgment of a crime or felony involving moral turpitude or dishonesty, and that he be of Libyan nationality, hold an educational qualification, not be married to a foreigner, enjoy civil rights, and submit a financial disclosure statement.” .

card burn

card burn

The Office of the Public Prosecutor in the capital, Tripoli, published a document yesterday evening, in which he said that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is being pursued in cases of murder, incitement and sabotage.

The phrase “no precedents”

However, a recent photo of the judicial record of Gaddafi’s son showed the phrase “no precedents”, and it appears that it is the document in which Saif al-Islam relied to file his candidacy file for the Libyan presidential elections.

It is noteworthy that Saif al-Islam submitted his candidacy in the middle of this month (November 2021) to the presidential elections in the branch of the High Electoral Commission in Sebha, after years of political work in secret. And he became seen as the most popular and fortunate candidate to win the presidency, but this move was met with a strong rejection and amounted to a threat to prevent the elections by political forces in the western Libyan region affiliated with the “February 17 Revolution” and the armed militias loyal to it.

Criminal status certificate

Criminal status certificate

But after a legal controversy, the commission decided to exclude him in principle, because one of the articles of the presidential election law did not apply to him, which stipulates that he should not be finally convicted of a felony or a crime against honor or trust, and that is the end of the process of verifying their eligibility based on the statements of the specialized authorities, which are The Public Prosecutor, Head of the Criminal Investigation Agency, and Head of Passports and Nationality Authority.

It should be noted that Gaddafi was among 25 candidates (out of 98) whose presidential candidacy was excluded by the commission, most notably representatives of the former regime, former Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, and former General National Congress President Nuri Boushamin.


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