A violent attack by Amr Adib on Angelina Jolie .. What is the reason? (Video)


Journalist Amr Adib attacked international star Angelina Jolie, who described homosexuality as “beauty”, after her latest movie, Eternals, was banned in a number of Arab, Islamic and even Western countries.Adeeb said in his program “Al-Hekaya” broadcast on MBC Egypt: “I consider this matter against human nature, and when I watch it or hear about it, I feel disgusted and cannot bear it.”

He added, “We have been subjected to a conspiracy for years of attempts by them to pressure us into accepting homosexuality, by inserting these ideas into foreign series, films, cartoons and games, especially with the spread of the phenomenon of references to same-sex relationships in Disney films that concern children, and in comedies as well.” .In a related context, Omar Abu Bakr, a spokesman for the Audio-Visual Media Authority in Saudi Arabia, said during an intervention on the “Al-Ekhbariya” channel, that “the authority does not prevent any films from showing,” adding: “If the film contains scenes that do not comply with the stipulated regulations, Legally, the authority requests that modifications be made to these scenes without prejudice to the film.


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