A Russian study finds a new treatment for cancer that “increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy”


A Russian medical study has found a new treatment that may contribute to the treatment of dangerous types of cancerous tumors.

The study, issued by the “Pavlov State Medical University” in the Russian city of Ryazan, stated that there is an effect by “free particles” on the production of P-glycoprotein transporter protein in cancer cells. Which reduces the effectiveness of the work of anti-malignant drugs.

The study’s success will allow in the future to develop drugs that increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy, according to the Russian “TASS” agency, said Alexei Shchulkin, the study’s supervisor, and professor of pharmacology at the university.

He added, “If we stimulate the activity of a small amount of unpaired electrons – (free particles) in a cell of a malignant tumor, this leads to the activation of a process that causes the synthesis of the carrier protein P, as a protein resistant to many drugs, which begins in Excretion of a number of substances from the cell, including drugs that fight malignant tumors. Our task now is to test substances that can block the mechanism of excess of this protein in malignant tumors.”

The Russian scientist explained that reducing the sensitivity of cancer cells to drugs is today one of the main problems in the treatment of cancer. The mechanism of the effect of “free particle” on the production of the transporter protein has been tested on bowel cancer cells, where the rate of resistance to chemotherapy can reach 50%.

Alexey Shchulkin said: “Free particles” are constantly formed in the human body, and they play a protective role, especially in the event of infectious diseases, and control the process of regeneration of the body, that is, they are considered beneficial. However, under the influence of external factors such as ultraviolet radiation, smoking or radiation or the development of cardiovascular diseases, infections, infectious diseases and “Covid-19”, the mechanism of its production is disrupted and its quantity increases to a large and dangerous extent.

It is noteworthy that the studies in this regard were conducted in 2020-2021 on the basis of a financial grant allocated by the Russian President. The study resulted in obtaining a patent for finding factors that stimulate the P-glycoprotein transporter protein by free particles.”

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