A “major drop out” of Iranian students from schools.. These are the main reasons


This coalition of crises pressures tens of thousands of families to take the most difficult decision, which is to deprive their children of educational opportunities that may guarantee them a better future.

And the opposition website “Iran Wire” published that the statements of the Deputy Minister Iranian education Ali Reza Kazemi, about 970,000 students dropping out of schools in the current academic year, is unrealistic, and that the dropouts are much more than that.

The Acting Minister of Education spoke about the high phenomenon of children dropping out of education, saying: “The statistics currently show that about 210,000 primary students and about 760,000 secondary students have dropped out, and this is a serious injury, and we need a plan and focus on it.”

Kazemi added, in statements to the newspaper, “Jahan Sanat”, that there is another reason for students to drop out, which is the high cost of basic materials for the student such as books, bags, and stationery, which many families cannot afford, as many families are unemployed with the expansion of Corona, This makes these families unable to afford education expenses in light of the economic conditions in the country.

The Acting Minister of Education added that the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country is one of the most important reasons for students dropping out of education.

Estimated number students in Iran With 14 million students in the basic education stages, and the number of their teachers is 1.2 million teachers.

Ahmed Tavakoli, a member of the Expediency Council (government), stated that 60 percent of the Iran population Under the “hypothetical poverty” line, and that if the government does not help them with what is necessary, “something may happen that should not happen,” according to the opposition website Iran International.

“annoying” phenomenon

The former professor of law in Iranian universities, the Ahwazi activist, Seyed Ali Tabatabai, comments to “Sky News Arabia” that due to the spread of Corona, the economic situation and the poor ability to deal with technology, 13 percent of students dropped out of schools.

Tabatabai pointed out that the Bedouin and rural areas were the most likely to drop out of schools due to the lack of tablets and internet service, adding: “There were even areas without electricity and television, so they dropped out of school easily.”

Iranian political analyst Farzad Poonash says that student dropouts have become “a striking and disturbing phenomenon”, agreeing with Tabatabaei for the reasons.

He added to “Sky News Arabia” that estimates indicate that about 3 and a half million have dropped out of education, warning that the failure to correct these conditions, in addition to teachers’ protests against their living conditions and the threat of a strike, threatens to raise the dropout rate to about five million students.

Bonach links the high unemployment rate and low salaries with the dropout crisis and says: “I have become Iranian families She is unable to meet her daily needs, including buying books, backpacks, pens, etc.

وشدت Iran Last October, large-scale demonstrations for teachers in more than 30 cities, protesting the low salaries and living conditions, in light of the economic conditions in the country, as part of a series of other union and labor protests, especially after the increase in inflation and the water drought crisis in some areas.


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