A famous Egyptian broadcaster suffered a health crisis while presenting the “90 Minutes” program and was taken to the hospital


A famous Egyptian broadcaster suffered a health crisis while presenting a program

Basma Wahba

The famous Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, fell ill and had to be taken to the hospital.

Al-Mehwar channel announced in an official statement today, Thursday, through its page on the social networking site “Twitter”, that the broadcast of tonight’s episode of the “90 Minutes” program had stopped, as Basma Wahba fell ill during the break, after which she was transferred to the hospital.

This comes after Basma Wahba presented in the first paragraph of the program a report on the societal role played by the “National Future Party” in continuing the aid convoys provided by the party to the people of Aswan Governorate, in order to support those affected by the floods.

She also discussed in the second paragraph of the program the crisis of festival songs, and said that there is a debate about this type of song in Egyptian society, adding: “The controversy over festival singers has returned strongly because of Hani Shaker’s decision to ban some of them, and that the decision of the captain of musicians does not concern all festival singers. However, a number of them were prevented from complying with the labor regulations of the union.

Source: RT

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