A collective decline in the indices of the Egyptian Stock Exchange and losses of more than 11 billion pounds within minutes | Economy News


The Egyptian Stock Exchange indices fell in the middle of today’s trading session, under pressure from sales of foreign dealers, and the market capital lost 11.3 billion pounds (the dollar is equivalent to 15.6 pounds) within 10 minutes of the start of the trading session.

And according to the local (Youm7) website, the (EGX30) index fell by 1.5% to reach the level of 11,259 points, and the (EGX50) index fell by 2.5% to reach the level of 1924 points, and the (EGX30) index of specific weights also decreased. By 1.81% to reach the level of 13,282 points, and the (EGX30 total return) index fell by 1.68% to reach the level of 4404 points.

The index of medium and small companies (EGX70 of equal weights) declined by 2.01% to reach the level of 2040 points, and the (EGX100 of equal weights) index fell by 1.95% to reach the level of 2999 points, and the index of excellence decreased by 0.63% to reach the level of 4170 Point.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange suspended trading on 6 shares for 10 minutes, for exceeding the 5%, up or down, during today’s trading session.

The six shares are the Egyptian for the development of the construction industry, Universal for the manufacture of packaging materials and paper – Unipack, Emerald for Real Estate Investment, Misr for Aluminum, Al Arabiya for Dairy Products, and Mansoura for Poultry.

(The Seventh Day) attributed the collective decline of the Egyptian stock market indices to the pressures of foreign sales, noting that the market capital lost 7.4 billion pounds at the level of 714.275 billion pounds.

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