27 billion purchases of Saudis in stocks


While, yesterday, the phase of individual subscription to the Saudi Tadawul Group began for a period of 3 days until 10.80 million shares will be allocated, representing 30% of the total shares offered for public subscription to individual subscribers as a maximum, the purchases of the Saudis in the shares listed on the main index of the market “TASI”, The amount of 27.434 billion riyals, about 89.60% of the total purchases during the week ending November 25, of which 24 billion were the value of individual purchases.net sale

According to the weekly report of the Saudi Tadawul Company, Saudi investors “individuals and companies” recorded a net purchase of 471.53 million riyals, in contrast foreign investors net sales of 441.858 million riyals, and Gulf investors by 29.676 million riyals. Last week, the total foreign purchases amounted to about 2.77 billion riyals, compared to their sales of 3.22 billion riyals during the week’s trading. At the level of Gulf nationals, the total purchase amounted to about 405.562 million riyals, compared to sales of 435.239 million riyals.

Saudi purchases

The purchases of the Saudis amounting to 27.434 billion riyals exceeded their sales of 26.962 billion riyals. Last week, individuals recorded a net purchase of 580.373 million riyals; Through total purchases of 24.550 billion riyals, and sales of 23.970 billion riyals. The institutions also recorded a net sale of 108,837 million riyals; The result of purchases totaling 2.88 billion riyals, compared to sales of 2.99 billion riyals.

In terms of share ownership, the value of shares owned by foreigners in the Saudi stock market “Tadawul” decreased during the week ending on November 25, 2021, compared to the previous week by about 12.726 billion riyals. The value of foreign investors’ ownership in the Saudi market fell to about 298.33 billion riyals, compared to 311.054 billion riyals in the previous week.

Gulf investors

The value of shares owned by Saudi investors decreased by 329.088 billion riyals, and fell to 9.606 trillion riyals, compared to 9.935 trillion riyals in the previous week ending on November 18. Similarly, the value of shares owned by Gulf investors decreased by 1.497 million riyals to 49.808 billion riyals, compared to 51.305 billion riyals for the previous week.

Stock trading in a week

Saudi investors

27.434 billion riyals, the value of purchases 26.962 billion riyals, total sales, net purchases, with a value of 580.373 million riyals

Foreigners 2.77 billion riyals, purchases 3.22 billion riyals, total sales, net sales of 441.858 million riyals

Gulf residents 405.562 million riyals, a total purchase of 435.239 million riyals, the value of sales, net sales of about 29.676 million riyals


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