135 billion riyals foreign flows to the financial market in Saudi Arabia since 2019


Today, the Chairman of the Board of the Saudi Capital Market Authority, Muhammad Al-Quwaiz, announced that the financial flows entering the market since 2019 until now amounted to about 135 billion riyals, despite the fact that the financial market in the Kingdom is still in a modern and somewhat early period in the experience with foreign investors.

During his participation in the second dialogue session of the Financial Stability Symposium in Riyadh today, which was titled “Financial Stability in the Banking Sector and Financial Markets”, Muhammad Al-Quwaiz stressed that opening the market for foreign investment supports the diversification of funding sources for the companies listed in the market.

He pointed out that there is work based on issuing a market-making system to contribute to increasing the institutional investor’s effectiveness in trading, not ownership.

He stressed that the authority does not aim to increase the trading of institutional investors over the individual investor, but rather to increase the depth of the market through diversifying trading in the market.

He explained that the institutional investor’s turnover doubled, pointing out that what is meant by the institutional investor in its comprehensive sense is all non-individual investors.


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