Zainab Fayyad, Haifa Wehbe’s daughter, resolves her decision, “I will resort to the judiciary.”


Zainab Fayyad, the daughter of the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe, threatened all those who abuse her on social media, stressing that she will not remain silent about the abuse that is happening to her on the part of some.

Haifa Wehbe’s daughter confirmed, in a video clip via the story feature on her account on “Instagram”, that some people use a “screenshot” of her and it is circulated amid abuse of her, commenting: “From here and the one who puts honey on one side, I will stomp on him with the tip of his head.”

And she stressed that she had given her legal agent all the information about the accounts that abuse her on social media, as she considers this a warning to anyone who tries to offend her.

And she indicated that she meant a specific person who offended her a lot and did not stop that, commenting that she had been following her in the past period, but she had canceled her from the list of her followers, and she continued: “Some talk about me in an orderly manner, and these people love them a lot.”

She also said to the person she spoke about, “I know that you are in Kuwait… you put me in your mind. I will take you home in the courts more often than you go to your family’s house… because you are a sinner.”

Haifa Wehbe’s daughter tried to cite her followers against this character; Because of the sternness in her talk against her, saying that if she put a screenshot with the abuse this character does, they will be surprised by her silence on her.


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