Zahra Arafat prepares for Ramadan’s “tenth page”


Actress Zahra Arafat is currently preparing to film her scenes in the new social series “Asher Page” to be shown in the upcoming Ramadan drama season.

The work was written by Ali Al-Dohan, directed by Muhammad Al-Tawala, and produced by Mishaal Al-Dayer, and starring a group of stars, most notably Khaled Al-Ajerib, Hessa Al-Nabhan, Shahd Suleiman, Taif, Nour and Randa.

In the series, Zahra embodies the character of a girl, who suffers from problems in her childhood, and when she grows up, she takes care of her family, and sacrifices a lot for them, but they do not appreciate what she does, so she decides to change and take care of herself.

It is noteworthy that the artist Zahra Arafat is currently in the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to present the play “Qahfiya, Ghutra and Agal”, starring Hassan Al-Balam, Abdulaziz Al-Nassar, and Khaled Al-Mudhaffar.

She finally finished embodying her role in the movie “The Bump”, directed and written by Muhammad Al-Faraj, co-starring Jassem Al-Nabhan, the child Laila Al-Mulla, and Yasser Al-Ammari.

Zahra Arafat is a Bahraini actress, who participated in many successful Gulf series and comedy plays, and was rated by critics as one of the best actresses in the Arab Gulf. My wife.” After that, she continued her work by presenting TV series and several plays.

In her artistic career, Zahra has many outstanding works that remain in her memory, including “As if nothing had happened, Passion, Another Day, Inevitable Destiny, Who Kills Dreams”, and among her recent works “God Answers Rain, The Path of Passion”, she also presented various programs, Including “Ahlam”, and in the theater, it appeared in “Qahfiya, Ghutra and Aqal, Al-Khawaf, on the Fly”.

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