“Zaatar Manoushe” in Lebanon… Fantastic Price!


With the rise in the price of the dollar and the increase in the value of fuels, the price of many foods became very expensive, especially those that were an obvious part of the Lebanese table.

In particular, the rise in the price of “manoush” affected significantly, given that all the prices of raw materials have increased, while the arrival of the price of fuel and gas to fantastic levels was the final blow.

In some stores, the thyme man’oucheh is now worth 14,000 Syrian pounds, after it was previously worth 500 or 1,000 pounds. In fact, the problem does not stop there, as the price will rise further if the citizen wants to obtain the “manoushe” through the delivery service of the restaurant or the oven, as the cost of this service has become large due to the high price of gasoline. Because of this, the price of the same inscription in some stores rose to 26,000 pounds.


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