You don’t want a pound and you broke my heart.. a sad message from Musimani that reveals the truth about his departure from Al-Ahly


The journalist, Ahmed Schubert, revealed the conversation that took place between him and the technical coach of the Egyptian Al-Ahly, Pitso Musimani, and Schubert explained that Pitsu Musimani, explained to him many information, and the fact that he requested an increase in his salary and his departure from Al-Ahly, while they were together on the sidelines of the conference held by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of the Citadel. Al-Ahly club headquarters on the island.

Musimani angered by leaking information about his salary increase

Ahmed Schubert explained through his radio program that Al-Ahly’s technical director, Pitso Musimani, assured him that he did not ask for an increase in his salary or one pound in his contract, pointing out that Musimani showed signs of anger at the information circulated in the Egyptian media and confirmed that it was not true and was not related to reality.

Very urgent: - Pitso Mosimane's departure from Al-Ahly club training, learn the whole truth now

Ahmed Schubert said that South African Pitso Musimani continues with Al-Ahly so far, and there is no intention to leave until the end of his contract, saying that the Al-Ahly administration informed him that he would continue with the team until the end of the new season, and about the renewal, Pitso Musimani said that he agreed with Al-Ahly’s administration to wait until the end of the season.

Ahmed Schubert conveyed Musimani’s sad message, saying that the media broke his heart when it circulated false information about the increase in his salary in Al-Ahly .. I am not like that.

Musimani clarifies the fact that he left Al-Ahly

Schubert pointed out that Musimani intends to stay in Egypt for a long time, and seeks stability and history-making with Al-Ahly, denying the existence of any interference in his work at all. Zayed is anticipating his departure from Al-Ahly in the coming days.

In a post on his official account on the social networking site, Ahmed Hassan explained that South African Betso Mosimane has a number of days inside the Red Castle and is collecting his belongings now.


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