Yasser Al Neyadi: I am proud of my participation in “The Swallow”


Sharjah: Mohamed Hamdi Shaker

The Emirati artist, Yasser Al Neyadi, is participating in the series “Al-Sunu” by the Syrian star, Yasser Al-Azma, which is scheduled to be shown starting October 17, on Abu Dhabi channels. And the work is co-starring a number of stars, including Abed Fahd, Dima Al-Jundi, Stephanie Atallah, Takla Shamoun, in addition to a group of stars who appear as guests of honor during a number of episodes, including Al-Niyadi, the Egyptian artist Hamdi Al-Mirghani, and the series is the story of the artist Yasser Al-Azma Directed by Khairy Bishara, it was filmed entirely in the country. It revolves on a ship docked in the Emirates, carrying people of different nationalities, and many comic situations occur among them.

Regarding his role in the series and how he was chosen to participate, Al Neyadi says: “I am very happy with this beautiful experience and I am proud of it, and the work was scheduled to be presented last Ramadan, but due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, the staff was unable to complete it, and at that time the star Yasser Al-Azma announced its postponement until after the holy month. In the series, I embody the character of the writer Bodour, who is somewhat close to my natural character due to the nature of my work, and this writer suffers from a writing crisis, and during the course of the work events, he tries to solve his problem and searches for himself and his pen, and about his story that he wants to tell in a dramatic work he is working on writing, And he goes through many events and paradoxes during the events of the series, and these events will greatly change his career path and several things he believed in.”

And about his cooperation with Al-Azma and director Khairi Bishara, Al-Niyadi explains that it was one of the best opportunities that came to him in his artistic life, to stand in front of a stature the size of Yasser Al-Azma and in front of the camera of one of the major directors in the Arab world, who described him as the icon of directing in the Arab world.

He added: When the producing company called to join the series, I was very happy, especially as I am in front of two statures in Arab art, and they will certainly add a lot to me in my artistic career. This series is whatever, because my name is Al-Azma and Bishara is one of the most important names for me, and at that time I did not declare my participation to anyone, until I finished presenting the role to the fullest and the series was ready to be shown, and in the end, this project is actually I cherish and be proud of throughout my life and I invite you to watch it as soon as it is presented.


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