Xbox will automatically mute the speakers once headphones are connected


Microsoft is testing a feature that automatically turns off the speakers when headphones are plugged in, and fixed one of my biggest pets with playing games on Xbox. Feature Exit For Xbox users in the Alpha Skip-Ahead episodeThis means that it will be more widely available in the coming months.

Now, when you insert headphones into your Xbox console, the speakers will continue as well, which means you need to turn the volume down on the speakers if you want to play audio on the headphones. The PS5 speaker, on the other hand, disables sound when headphones are plugged in, and I’m happy to follow it up by working on a similar feature for Microsoft Xbox. According to the Microsoft blog, the option to disable speaker sound automatically appears in the updated sound settings menu.

The new built-in Skip-Ahead feature also includes a new access feature: color blind filters. “While some games apply similar filters individually, this new feature is applicable globally to Xbox Series X/S, and all games, movies, apps, and menus,” Microsoft said on its blog. “It supports multiple color blindness and can adjust filters to your liking without affecting performance, screenshots or game clips.” The company first talked about this feature while offering access to Xbox in advance this month.


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