Workshop on “Institutional Agility” in Abu Dhabi Police


Abu Dhabi Police held a “Institutional Agility” workshop, with the participation of Major General Maktoum Ali Al Sharifi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police, sector directors, and with the participation of international experts, in order to enhance its leadership position in keeping pace with global trends and to develop institutional capabilities and capabilities to implement the strategic goals related to the sustainable development agenda in the field of achieving peace, justice and strong institutions, as well as the field of Good health and well-being.

The virtual workshop was held within the comprehensive Abu Dhabi Police plan to adopt the institutional agility project within strategic governance and employ it in all its operations and focus on rapid response to continuous changes and adapting to those variables within a clear work methodology. The workshop also reflects the strategic priorities of Abu Dhabi Police represented in the readiness to protect the emirate, institutional leadership and optimal use of resources to ensure the achievement of its strategic objectives of governance, institutional flexibility and enhancing institutional reputation.

The workshop aims to develop a specific definition of the concept of organizational agility in the Abu Dhabi Police, which enhances its adoption and application of agility through the development of programs and systems related to the application of the concepts of institutional agility as one of the most prominent trends at the local and global levels.



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