Women’s wrestling in the Riyadh season and tweets: scenes that infringe modesty! (Video)


Video clips and photos documenting women’s wrestling during the “Crown Jewel” show, which was held on Thursday evening, in the Saudi capital, as part of the “Riyadh Season”, were spread on social media.

The scenes showed a side of the fight that brought together wrestlers Becky Lynch, Bianca Blair, and Sasha Banks.

SmackDown champion Becky Lynch managed to retain her title after defeating Bianca and Sasha in a three-way match.

Lynch snatched this precious victory after taking advantage of Blair’s fall outside the ring and using the rope to install Sasha Banks.

Wrestler Sasha Banks published pictures of her from the “Crown Jewel” show after the end of her match at the WWE show in Riyadh last night.

She commented, “You stole my heart, thank you.”

Saudi women inside the wrestling ring

Another circulating clip showed the celebration of 4 Saudi women, who defeated breast cancer, inside the WWE circuit in the Riyadh season.

The four recovering women ascended to the wrestling ring, each of them holding the “WWE Championship belt”, to the applause of the audience.

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For his part, the announcer of the WWE Professional Wrestling Arena, presented the four recoveries to the public, after they succeeded in defeating cancer.

It is noteworthy that this came in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Women’s wrestling in the Riyadh season

The wrestling matches, organized by the Entertainment Authority in cooperation with WWE, began yesterday, Thursday, at the Mohammed Abdo Theater in the Saudi capital, amid a large audience.

Among the performances was a purely Saudi fight between Mansour Al-Shuhail and Mansour Ali within the Riyadh season.

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Several Saudi and Arab criticisms were directed at the Riyadh season, due to the scenes it contained outside and unfamiliar with the religious Saudi society.

More than one incident of verbal and physical harassment appeared during the opening of the Riyadh season, and the police issued a statement warning of the consequences of these actions and revealing the penalties due to those who submit to them in accordance with the articles of Saudi law.

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