With the announcement of hydrogen production… Saudi Energy Minister: Saudi Arabia will not go away


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– After oil, Saudi Arabia is seeking to become the largest producer of hydrogen in the world while it will work to “produce the cheapest electricity on the planet,” according to the Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, who regrets that Who believes that his country’s role in the field of energy is over?

Hydrogen is currently attracting investments as it is a low carbon fuel source that contributes to the fight against climate change.

و .علن Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin SalmanOn Saturday, Saudi Arabia seeks to reach “zero neutrality” in emissions by 2060, becoming the second Gulf oil exporter after the UAE to set this goal.

“We intend to produce and export approximately 4 million tons of hydrogen by 2030,” Prince Abdulaziz said at a conference in Riyadh on the Green Saudi Initiative.

He replied, “Why? Because green hydrogen is produced through renewable energy and water, and since we are setting a record in renewable energy, since we have worked hard for 50 years on desalination, we made the technology ourselves.”

The Kingdom will hold the summit of the Green Middle East Initiative on Monday, when a number of leaders of the region’s countries will attend Riyadh and international officials.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman pointed out that no other place in the world can produce energy and water at a cheap cost comparable to the cost of energy production in Saudi Arabia.

“For blue hydrogen, we have a huge gas field called Jafurah that we will use to revitalize our economy and part of that gas in Jafurah will go to the production of blue hydrogen. Believe me, we were in touch yesterday, today and tomorrow asking individuals and countries, such as Japan and the European Union, provide us with future demand so that we can start working because we would like to We are at the forefront of countries working in this field and we want to be the largest hydrogen producer in the world.”

In response to a question about the next car that the prince will drive, he joked: “It certainly will not be an electric car, we are making a new type of Euro 5 diesel (sulfur-free) and we have hybrid cars and as the Minister of Energy I have to be honest with myself… And on However, the country will build electric cars, which is a sound bet, so you should keep your options open.”

He pointed out that the fuel filling stations in Saudi Arabia will be equipped with a space that will allow the consumer to charge the car with electric energy.

“We have to be honest with the new approach…I feel sorry for those who think the demise of Saudi Arabia etc. We will produce the cheapest electricity on the planet.”

For his part, Yousef Al-Shammari, CEO of CMarkits Oil Research London and a former researcher with OPEC, said: “Saudi Arabia has started to care about green and blue hydrogen because the market after 10 years will become very large, and this is an opportunity that must be exploited here and Saudi Arabia has gas and sun to produce it.”

“There are two types of blue and green hydrogen. The blue comes from natural gas and oil, and the green comes from solar energy and water. The trend now is to convert the Jafurah field, where the quantities of gas in it are large, and instead of exporting gas, we export these quantities as hydrogen.”

“I imagine that Japan and Germany will be among the countries targeted by Saudi Arabia in terms of exports. Hydrogen will play a role in the framework of economic diversification, but it will not replace oil at all because the cost of its production is still high compared to the cost of producing Saudi oil,” he expected. production in Saudi Arabia.


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