Will Mbappe’s goal change Spain’s offside law?


Bat Kylian’s goal Mbappe In the final against Spain Nations League It is an established fact that nothing can be done about it now, but it seems that the controversy that accompanied it may have consequences for the future of football.

And the European Football Association decided, according to a report by the Spanish newspaper “AS”, to study some changes in the offside rule, especially the law that gave legitimacy to the goal of the Paris Saint-Germain striker in the Nations League final.

“Anthony Taylor made a correct decision based on the current law and its official interpretation, where the player deliberately interfered to play the ball,” said UEFA’s director of arbitration, Roberto Rossetti.

However, Rossetti admits that “this case shows that the current interpretation of the law appears to go against the spirit of the law itself, which is to prevent any player from exploiting the offside site,” so he declared that “UEFA saw that there are ways to improve the wording of the rule to adapt it to the objective of The law of offside and the spirit of the game.

“I have contacted my colleagues with FIFA and the FIFA Council, and I will discuss solutions at the next meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee of the FIFA Council,” Rossetti continued.

On October 27, all FIFA Council committees will meet to review various regulations related to offside and handball as well as the obligation of goalkeepers to put one foot on the line when taking a penalty kick.

The meeting will also discuss the necessity of retaining the 5 substitutions or returning to 3 substitutions, and whether or not to use the “light” VAR technology for “poor” or less economically powerful competitions.


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