What should the researcher do after formulating the hypothesis?


What should the researcher do after formulating the hypothesis, when you collect information and want to write it, in order to be able to obtain a distinguished scientific article and to be able to reach the scientific truth in the topic you are researching in, you should read this article and we will present the importance of hypotheses Research, and also we will clarify the benefit it will provide for scientific research.

What does the researcher do after formulating the hypothesis?

The researcher should follow the following steps after formulating the hypothesis:

• After that, the researcher would like the researcher to verify the hypothesis by moving to the stage of data collection, through which he surveys the scientific heritage.

• The researcher must also, if he wants to collect information, and it is considered the stage that the researcher performs by accessing libraries or by entering the site through the Google search engine, or conducting personal interviews, distributing the questionnaire, whether electronically or manually, as well as contacting , in addition to personal experiences, and also in addition to the observation of the problems that exist around the researcher and then coming up with the title of research and setting hypotheses, and surveying the scientific heritage.

• Then, the researcher must also adopt the information he gleaned from scientific references and books available in libraries, whether online or public libraries, in addition to periodicals and scientific references written from all different languages ​​and countries that are consistent with the nature of the research and the address in which the person is conducting Research and wants to collect information about it.

What should the researcher do after formulating the hypothesis?

After the researcher finishes formulating the hypothesis, he collects information and then presents the important matters that are requested by the institution for which he is working.


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