What is the fate of American actor Alec Baldwin after the murder?


Film star Alec Baldwin, who inadvertently shot a female photographer while filming “Rust” in New Mexico, was released by police after completing his interrogation.

And US media quoted a Santa Fe police spokesman as saying: “Baldwin was questioned by investigators and released. No charges have been brought,” noting that the investigation will continue, and that the police are currently interrogating witnesses to the accident.

It is reported that the American actor Alec Baldwin, during the filming of a movie about the American West, fired from a pistol that was supposed to be filled with empty and non-dangerous bullets, but the bullet, or perhaps its fragments, hit two people, killing the director of photography Galina Hutchins after a period of injury She was taken by a private plane to the hospital, and director Joel Sousa was seriously injured.

Famous film actor Alec Baldwin, who was shot in a dazed state with tears in his eyes, voluntarily went to the mayor’s office and testified before investigators.

And the newspaper “ftimes” pointed out that filming films is a very difficult, strenuous and exciting process, and emergency situations may occur sometimes, but they are not often disclosed to the general public, noting that the last incident is contrary to the fact that it is a murder on the set. .

She described the incident as a tragedy that occurred during the filming of an episode of the movie “Roast”, and that the incident occurred near Santa Fe, New Mexico. According to the script, Alec Baldwin was supposed to shoot a gun while he was producing this movie, in which he plays a criminal character named Harland Rust.

It is still unknown what exactly happened during filming, and it is not known whether the shooting took place by chance or during the acting process.



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