What did Omar Hariri say about Adel Imam… on the anniversary of his death… Video


Today, Saturday, October 16, is the anniversary of the death of one of the most important stars of the artistic community, who enriched the artistic movement with many successful works that are still engraved in our minds today. Many stars of his generation and subsequent generations, the late artist Omar Hariri, also participated.

In a rare meeting with the artist Omar Al-Hariri on the “Star and Night” program, which was broadcast on the second Egyptian channel, Al-Hariri talked about his relationship with the leader, Adel Imam and some behind the scenes of their work together, where he said that every artwork is built on love and the relationship between artists and some of them and the extent of friendship that brings them together on respect for each other. Some, when we were young, we looked at the great artists with respect, and when we became senior artists, the new generations looked at us with respect and some did not look with respect, but this is not important.

Al-Hariri added, “One day I met a young artist who plays comic roles, and when we met he told me when he was young that he liked to see me on screen and the day we worked together and presented a theatrical work that lasted for eight years, he is the great comedian Adel Imam, he is an integrated artist who can Presenting the comedian and the tragic, when we met in “Shahid Mashafesh Hajja”, we had a loving and friendly relationship, and this is what led to the success of the play.

And he continued, I remember in the series “Dreams of the Flying Boy,” we gathered a scene whose end was to slap each other in the face, and the scene ended on that, and then we hurried to each other and looked at the place of the slap and hugged each other.

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