“Weight loss drink” .. The eight benefits of “one of the healthiest drinks on earth”


Losing weight is difficult and there is no magic solution to reduce it, but one drink can help you shed extra pounds.

Green tea is often touted as one of the healthiest types of tea, and it’s not hard to see why. And while drinking tea without making any other changes won’t help you lose weight, it does have a number of benefits that can make it easier.

The “Express” website reveals the eight health benefits of green tea, according to the tea expert with more than 30 years of experience and head educator in VAHDAM India, Ketan Desai.

Desai explained, “Green tea is made from non-oxidized leaves and is one of the least processed types of tea. For this reason, it contains the most antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. Green tea has the highest concentrations of antioxidants of any tea, it is naturally low in calories and contains Less caffeine than black tea and coffee.

The Eight Benefits of “One of the Healthiest Drinks on Earth”

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A nutritionist warns some against drinking green tea

• Fat burning properties due to the presence of catechins and caffeine.

• Helps in losing weight.

• May help protect against certain types of cancer.

• It can help lower (bad) cholesterol, help fight cardiovascular disease and lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

• Prevent type 2 diabetes.

• The catechins in green tea fight bacteria.

• Helps with brain function including reaction time, mood and productivity.

• Protects against osteoporosis.

How does green tea help you lose weight?

Green tea can be a “weight loss” drink, but it won’t work if your diet and exercise don’t support weight loss.

Green tea contains caffeine and a type of flavonoid called catechin, which is an antioxidant. The most important of these is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a substance that can boost metabolism.

“Research suggests that these two compounds can speed up metabolism,” Desai said. “Catechin can help break down excess fat, while caffeine helps burn fat and improve exercise performance. Both catechins and caffeine naturally present in green tea, may be They have a synergistic effect and can increase the amount of energy the body uses.”

Green tea also contains an active ingredient known as theanine, which is a type of amino acid that helps reduce stress by providing a calming and relaxing effect that also helps you lose weight.

However, Desai added, “Regular exercise and a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables are very effective strategies for weight loss. Green tea used in conjunction with these methods may increase their positive results.”

And to see any benefits, you can’t just drink green tea now and then.

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The amount of tea required for health benefits varies greatly between studies, but Desai recommends drinking three to five cups of green tea per day.

On the other hand, he cautioned, “The optimal amount may vary from person to person. Very high doses may be a problem for some, but in general, the benefits of green tea far outweigh the risks. In fact, drinking green tea regularly may improve your health significantly. “.

However, it should be noted that if large amounts of green tea are ingested, it can have unpleasant side effects including:

• Feeling nervous.

• Sleep problems.

• Drought.

• Headache.

• Stomach irritation (when fermented heavily or when taken on an empty stomach).

The expert also warned that: “People with iron deficiency should drink green tea one hour after meals or between meals, as it may affect iron absorption.”

Source: Express


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