Watch.. touching scenes that made the audience cry in the first episode of “The Prestige Mountain”


The series “The Prestige Jabal” witnesses interesting events that have attracted the audience widely since the first episode, which also witnessed poignant and emotional situations and moments that made sadness cover the “Jabal Sheikh Jabal” family since the beginning of the episode.

The MBC channel, which is model to work, published through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, a video clip that included four scenes, which it described as influential, which made the audience of “prestige mountain” cry in the first episode, which are:

Jabal’s farewell to his brother Sakhr

The events of the first episode witnessed the death of “Sakhr”, the brother of “Jabal”, and the scene of the last farewell to his brother was very touching, as he cried over his brother’s body before trying to hide his tears when his relatives and men entered.

The silent scene between Tim Hassan and Mona Wassef

The scene in which Jabal (Tim Hassan) told his mother Umm Jabal (Mona Wassef) of his brother’s death without any dialogue going on between them was very touching and she only asked him if he had died a natural death or was he killed where he put his brother Sakhr’s rings In her hand, she smelled the smell of gunpowder, to know that he had been murdered, and to lean on her son’s chest, a collapsed Jabal.

Tim Hassan and Mona Wassef – Photo from the media office of the mbc group

Jabal consoles Ali on the loss of his wife

The scene of Jabal’s condolences to his cousin “Ali” (Said Sarhan) over the death of his wife was touching, especially when “Ali” leaned on Jabal’s chest, declaring his deep sadness.

Saeed Sarhan from the prestige of Jabal – Photo from the media office of the mbc group
Mona recalls her memories in Sakhr’s room.

The scene of “Mona” (Rosina Lathkani) entering the room of her murdered brother “Sakhr” was touching, as she recalled her memories with him and to show the extent of the loss of the brother’s loss of bond and the void that he left and cannot be compensated.

Two other eye-catching scenes

The series also featured two scenes that caught the eye and provoked a state of sadness and emotional moments at work, as “Madam Net” monitored them:

ولادةالطفل ووفاةأمه 

The birth of the young child “Ibn Ali” and the death of his mother in the operating room was very touching, as his mother died as a result of the explosion of “Sakhr”‘s car, which was taking her to the hospital for childbirth, where feelings mixed between sadness over the death of the mother and joy for the new baby.

Abdo Shaheen from the prestige series Jabal – photo from the media office of the mbc group
"علي" يحمل نعش زوجته و"شاهين" يحمل نعش ابن عمه 

The audience expressed their sympathy for the scene of “Ali Sheikh Al-Jabal” carrying the body of his wife and “Shaheen Sheikh Al-Jeel” for the body of his cousin “Sakhr” during their funeral in “Al-Hiba”.

The series “Al-Hiba Jabal” entered the trend in many Arab countries, with two episodes of it shown on the “Shahid” application, while one episode was shown on MBC, and the second will be shown today.

The work is starring the Syrian star Tim Hassan, Mona Wasef, Rosina Lathkani, Abdo Shaheen, Saeed Sarhan, Nazim Issa, and others.

The Syrian star Abdel Moneim Amayri and the Lebanese singer Aimee Sayah joined the championship for this part.

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