Watch: Arwa Gouda breaks her silence and responds to bullying, “It doesn’t make a difference with me.”


A picture of the Egyptian artist, Arwa Gouda, which was transmitted by the pioneers of social networking sites alongside the Jordanian artist Saba Mubarak, caused great controversy, during her participation in the El Gouna Film Festival 2021 ceremony in its fifth session.
The photo received great criticism from her fans and from the pages of famous “Social Media”, due to the presence of cellulite that appeared on her leg.

And Arwa Gouda broke her silence to respond to the post published by a famous page on the photo-sharing application (Instagram): “It makes no difference to me that I have cellulite… this is a normal and natural need.”

It is reported that the artist Arwa has become a “trend” on “Social Media” after revealing that she had broken off her engagement to the Turkish artist “Ozcan Deniz”.


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