Virgo today.. don’t show off your skills in front of others


Many are keen to follow the horoscopes, and know their luck on a daily basis, and these are the predictions of Virgo for October 16, 2021, according to horoscope expert Jacqueline Akiki.

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The sign of Virgo is joined by those born in the period (from 23/8 to 22/9), and these expectations are for the children of the sign today:

Professionally: Angry reactions often lead to mistakes, so wait a little before making hasty judgments that may negatively rebound on you.

Emotionally: You may raise an old issue that brings back memories, work behind the curtain and do not show your strength in front of the partner.

Hygienic: Do not exercise more than what is required of you, and do not tire yourself because you spoil things.

And “Virgo” is one of the earthly zodiacs, and it is also considered one of the very optimistic and romantic horoscopes, and those born: “Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn” are compatible with Virgo, while not compatible with it at all: “Aquarius, Leo, Aries”.

The permanent advice for Virgo-borns is to try to get rid of. Try to look at things positively, try to show the romantic side in your personality, and try to educate yourself. Your constant endeavor, with permission, to become an ideal person, causes you depression and sadness.


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