Video.. Saudi Arabia.. A horrific attack by stray dogs on a child in Tabuk


A Saudi child in Tabuk Governorate was subjected to a horrific attack on Thursday.

The video clip documented the state of terror in which the child lived as he tried to escape from predatory dogs waiting for the opportunity to devour him, as whenever he tried to escape from them, they caught up with him, while some young men managed to chase the dogs until they moved away from the child, according to Sabq newspaper.

The incident brought to mind the incident of a girl in the Al-Washila neighborhood in Riyadh, who was mauled by stray dogs in a horrific and unfortunate accident, and the parents, commenting on the video, demanded that a quick solution be found to eliminate the phenomenon of stray dogs scattered in the neighborhoods in order to preserve the lives of their children.

Five stray dogs preyed on a child, no more than four years old, in the Al-Washila suburb, 25 km southwest of Riyadh, after she came out of her family’s rest for a moment.

Her mother watched the dogs ate her baby’s weak body; What made her scream, and plead with those around her to save her daughter from the clutches of stray dogs. Immediately the attendees were able to expel the dogs, but the bloodstained child died after arriving at the hospital a few hours.

The girl’s uncle, Abdullah Hazam Al-Abdulsalam, said: “We used to go to the family rest house in Al-Washila, 25 km southwest of Riyadh, continuously. Yesterday Friday evening, specifically after the afternoon prayer, we lost my niece for a while. The mother was at rest until she was surprised by the terrifying and painful scene on the mother’s tender heart, as she watched 5 dogs tearing the body of the sweetness of their livers with their fangs, and blood flowing on the ground!!! So the grieving mother started screaming and crying out, saying (Save my daughter.. the dogs slaughtered my daughter).”

He added: “Amid the cries of the grieving mother, everyone ran to the girl to save her. Then the dogs ran away, leaving the child stained with blood. Immediately, the child’s father embraced his daughter, and raised her in his hands while she was bleeding. It is a farewell smile, and a joy that will only last for a few moments.”

And the girl’s uncle continued, “We rushed my niece to the nearest hospital, and we were able to reach the hospital at about half past five, and the girl entered the hospital breathing while her vital organs were working and her condition was stable, and the medical staff assured us the safety of the arteries and veins and that her condition is stable.”

And he added, “We were unable to enter the hospital and we kept waiting because of the precautionary measures to combat Corona, and at around 7:51 pm we were informed that the child had passed away, so we were overwhelmed by grief, as the news of her death was a shock to everyone.”

He continued: “I attended the Dhurma municipality to the site of the painful tragedy, as well as the forensic evidence and proceeded with the incident and inspected the scene of the heinous crime.”

He continued, “It is unfortunate that there have been a number of dogs in the area for a long time, and they pose a danger to the people and residents of rest houses, and their dangerous situation has not been addressed despite the ongoing suffering.”

He continued, “We call on the competent authorities to eliminate stray dogs in the area, in order to protect our children and prevent their danger, especially as the area witnesses an intense presence of families and their children on the weekends.”



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