Vice President of the European Commission praises the UAE’s efforts to promote human rights and freedoms


Margaritis Schinas, Vice-President of the European Commission, stressed that the recent election of the UAE to the United Nations Human Rights Council for the third time reflects the country’s increasing international weight.

In exclusive statements to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), the European official said that membership of the Human Rights Council is the culmination of the UAE’s efforts to promote human rights and freedoms, and is a global testament to the importance the UAE attaches to human rights and the achievement of sustainable development at the regional and international levels.
Schinas, who holds the position of Vice-President of the European Commission “to promote the European way of life”, made the remarks on the sidelines of his visit to the country to attend the official ceremony of the European Commission on the occasion of (European Day of Honor), which was organized yesterday, Saturday, within the activities of Expo 2020 Dubai in the pavilions of the member states of the European Union. .

He added, “The increasing international weight of the United Arab Emirates and the Abrahamic peace agreement with Israel show that the UAE plays an influential role in efforts to ensure stability in the region, with its influence and ability to inspire.”

The European official highlighted the UAE’s contribution to efforts to resolve the Afghan refugee crisis, expressing confidence that the international community will be able to continue to rely on the UAE’s contribution to provide legal, safe and orderly pathways for Afghan citizens. He added that the UAE has the right to be very proud of the work it has done alongside its partners in the international community to help the Afghan people based on humanitarian considerations.

He added that the European Union has devoted all its efforts to ensuring a speedy evacuation from Afghanistan, having been able to assist nearly 10,000 people in the evacuations under the civil protection mechanism that was in place before the closure of Kabul airport.

Speaking about Expo 2020 Dubai, Schinas said that this global exhibition “allows us all to discuss and find solutions to the common challenges we face as a global community. We need these opportunities to come together and build common momentum to address pressing issues such as climate change.”

He added, “In Europe, we know that global challenges require global solutions. That is why we are here at Expo 2020 to contribute to meaningful conversations with our partners to tackle global challenges in a spirit of cooperation and synergy.”
The European official praised the excellent organization of this global event, saying that the Expo “reflects the ambitious Emirati vision to achieve more global successes.”

He expressed his optimism that the global event would mark the beginning of a return to normal life in the wake of the Corona epidemic.
“I hope the event will mark a milestone in facilitating efforts to return to normalcy,” he said. “Europe is the most polluted continent in the world and the UAE has a very impressive vaccination programme.”

He pointed out that this is the reason why the European Union urged member states to cancel travel restrictions imposed on residents of the United Arab Emirates as of last October 8.
However, the European official stressed the need to make more efforts to ensure that Corona vaccines reach all parts of the world, noting that the European Union has already exported one billion doses of vaccine to parts of the world, adding that “the European Union is counting on the UAE to work with us in this endeavor. ” According to him.



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