US shale oil production is expected to rise to 8.29 million barrels per day in November | latest news


Oil production in the seven major shale formations in the United States is expected to rise by 76,000 barrels per day to 8.29 million barrels per day in November, a government report said on Monday.

The report issued by the US Energy Information Administration added that production from the Permian Basin, the largest shale formation in the country, is expected to rise by 62,000 barrels per day to 4.8 million barrels per day next month.

On the other hand, the government agency expected that US natural gas production from major shale basins would rise to a record level for the sixth consecutive month in November.

It said total gas production is expected to increase by 0.3 billion cubic feet per day to 87.9 billion cubic feet per day.


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