Urgent Saudi passports today a fine of up to 50,000 Saudi riyals on arrivals outside the law


Today, Saudi passports have issued several laws against expatriates, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes a large group of residents, which is a land and homeland for many nationalities. Heavy penalties, see details.

Saudi passports today

According to Saudi law, a self-employed expatriate will be fined up to 50,000 Saudi riyals, and may even be imprisoned for 6 months and then deported according to his condition. It was announced on Twitter as follows:

Please note that it is from the Secretariat to report violators of the law and violators of the system, and the Jawazat has declared a special number for reporting, which came as follows:

  • 911 to report an expatriate in Makkah and Riyadh.
  • 999 to report an expatriate in any region of the Kingdom.

Residency and work system violations

According to the law, the employer must renew the residency, pay the value of bringing the worker, and also pay the exit and return fees; Therefore, in the event of any person violating the law, the penalties will be applied immediately.

To confirm this, on the second of October, approximately 14,000 people were arrested for violating the Saudi residence and work system in different regions in the Kingdom, including 6,228 violations of border security, 5,749 violations of the residency system, and 1,818 violations of the labor system.

And 35% of the violators were of right-wing nationality, and at the same time, 54 people involved in hiding violators of the system were arrested, so it is necessary to report them to take the necessary legal measures, and the Public Prosecution add:

Issuance of a residence permit without a sponsor for the expatriate worker

The Jawazat clarified that as an expatriate, you can issue a residence permit without a sponsor, but according to certain conditions, which are as follows:

  • The age of the applicant shall be 21 years.
  • The criminal record is required to be free of any precedents.
  • Providing regular residence and obtaining a medical report stating that it is free of contagious diseases.
  • Submit proof of financial liability with an unexpired passport.
  • Requires that the expatriate is not a slacker or absentee and has been reported.
  • The expatriate shall pay the fees for any traffic violations or violations related to the delay in obtaining residency.

Registration for the service is done through Absher, as it requires payment of a deposit via SADAD, and thus the residence is extracted.


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