“Urgent Now”, the date for the return of WhatsApp and Facebook to work again has not yet been determined. Watch the officials’ statements


In the event that you are wondering about the date of the return of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram again, you are in the right place, as we have done a comprehensive search for all the details and statements in this topic, which began with the cessation of Facebook and all its affiliated programs completely, and users were unable to send or receive any messages or notifications, To find out the truth about this topic, read the report.

When will WhatsApp and Facebook work again?

Despite the spread of rumors about why Facebook and WhatsApp stopped working, the official website responsible for the applications stated that the problem is being worked on. All programmers need is time, and the time for the sites to return has not been determined, but all applications will return to work again, knowing that Earlier a similar problem lasted for 12 hours until the connection came back on.

When will WhatsApp come back to work?

WhatsApp is an application affiliated with the Facebook application, so there is no confirmed news about the exact date for the applications to return to work, and please do not download any anonymous application in the belief that it will help solve the problem, as the whole world suffers from it and is not a local problem.

Alternatives to WhatsApp and Facebook

The misfortunes of a people upon a people benefits, as the shares of Telegram and Twitter increased dramatically at that time due to the increase in the number of users of the application as an alternative to WhatsApp, and the use of Google Allo also spread until the applications returned again.

A large number of network engineers confirmed that the technical failure is due to the servers and that there is no truth to any news that simulates that the failure is due to hacker attacks, and in Twitter a large group of cynics spread over the idea of ​​​​all applications stopping and relying entirely on the use of Twitter and other applications that were not affected by the failure.

We follow all the news about the cessation of social networking sites, especially with the world’s dependence today on communication technology through Facebook messages, WhatsApp, and others, but what if the defect continues for a long time? Can you completely give up social media or will it cause you trouble for a long time? Well, knowing that it is expected in the coming hours that the communication sites will return again, the question here is how important these sites are to you, and we will find out in the comments.


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