Urgent health warning for these people against traveling during the fourth wave of Corona


Egyptians are currently facing the fourth wave of the coronavirus, which the Ministry of Health and Population expected to reach its peak starting in mid-October, and thus this wave has reached its most severe stage, and this is what makes citizens keen to wear masks and use disinfectants to protect themselves and others from the spread of infection, while implementing the advice provided by the Ministry of Health to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus and protect everyone, and at the present time, some groups have been advised not to travel outside Egypt; As the fourth wave poses a threat to their lives more than others.

Not to travel during the fourth wave

The Ministry of Health and Population indicated that there are cases in which it is preferable to refrain from traveling during the continuation of the fourth wave of the coronavirus, and the first case is suffering from symptoms similar to the Covid-19 virus, and the second is for those over the age of 60 years, and the third case is suffering from diseases Chronic or serious disease states, as in these cases the person becomes at risk, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Symptoms of the fourth wave of corona virus

The Ministry of Health indicated that the symptoms of the fourth wave of the coronavirus are very similar to the previous waves, which are a sudden rise in body temperature, a runny nose, frequent sneezing and coughing, in addition to severe headaches, pain in the bones and stomach, and a feeling of fatigue and lethargy, and symptoms can develop and become difficult. breathing and movement, stressing that the disappearance of symptoms for a period of 10 days from the beginning of the infection, is an indication that the patient has recovered from Corona.

Corona vaccine reservation link

  1. Entering the site Ministry of Health and Population.
  2. Click on the registration box to request the vaccine.
  3. Choosing the category “medical sector workers – chronic disease sufferers – other categories – vaccination for the purpose of travel.”
  4. Enter the required data completely from the site.
  5. Register the name, national number and governorate in which the vaccine will be obtained.
  6. Enter the job, email, landline and mobile phone number.
  7. Enter the verification code that will be sent to the mobile phone.
  8. The Ministry will communicate with the applicant via a letter containing the date and place of the vaccination.


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