Urgent | Electronic classification of contractors in Saudi Arabia


The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing intends to issue contractors classification certificates electronically through the ministry’s website, provided that the classification fields and activities are in accordance with the National Directory of Economic Activities. Operation, maintenance and services, communications and information technology, food and catering, exhibitions and conferences, real estate development.Classification requirements

This came in the context of the draft “Executive Regulations for the Contractors Classification System” prepared by the Ministry and submitted to the private sector for opinion, which stipulates that all applications shall be decided upon after completing all classification requirements by the contractor within the following periods: 1- Classification requests (classification, re-classification Classification, upload, addition, deletion, modification) within a period not exceeding 60 working days. 2 – Requests (extension of the validity of the classification certificate) for a period not exceeding 10 working days.

Order Components

The contractor shall submit a classification request, including the following: 1- Classification forms. 2- The commercial register or its equivalent (valid), including the required classification fields (and activities). 3- The statement of financial position (balance sheet), and income statement (profit and loss account) for the last year approved and certified by a chartered accountant licensed to practice the profession, provided that the financial statements issued in the Kingdom are deposited in a list program. 4- Organizational structures and their governance, and the preparation and expertise of administrative and technical cadres. 5- Project contracts (or the like in case a contract is not concluded) executed by the contractor or being implemented inside or outside the Kingdom, provided that the project completion rate is not less than 50% for implementation projects, 30% for maintenance, operation and services projects. 6- Any other documents or data that need to be submitted as a result of studying and analyzing the classification application. The above shall be submitted in Arabic or translated into it by an accredited translation office, provided that all documents submitted are from outside the Saudi commercial attaché, consulate or Saudi embassy. Article 6 of the Kingdom attestation: The contractor’s classification certificate is issued in the field (and activity) or areas (and activities) and the degree due, based on the available information and data and the assessment’s achievement of points, and a certificate is granted for that for a calendar year.

Financial Statements

The draft regulation also included that the contractor, according to the requirements of the classification forms on the ministry’s website, based on the following criteria and conditions: 1) The financial statements (budget), including net income, total income, net property and equipment, total assets, total cash and short-term investments, Total current liabilities, total ownership, total liabilities, diversification of income sources. 2) The administrative and technical staff (inside the Kingdom) and their professional expertise, according to the requirements of the technical standards certificate for the activities subject to classification. 3) Information of previous and ongoing projects in terms of the total number, type and value of projects.


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