“Untrue” .. “Forces” respond to the accusations of “Al-Akhbar” newspaper


The media department of the “Lebanese Forces” party issued the following statement: “Al-Akhbar newspaper, as usual, resorted to fabrication and forgery, placing itself and those behind it, Hezbollah, in the position of conducting the investigation and issuing judgments, so what is the need for investigations as long as the party and its yellow newspaper They own the truth, while they can only mislead and disturb the investigations that could not but have monitored the incitement practiced by the party against justice in Lebanon, threatening and threatening to stop the judge, disrupt the government, and call for an armed demonstration? By the way, which investigation was Hezbollah satisfied with? Was he with the International Court, for example, or with the investigation into the port explosion?”

The statement added: “The party, by its formation, is against justice, freedom, sovereignty, the state and human philosophy in general.As for the yellow newspaper’s accusation of members of the “Forces” party of the massacre, the responsibility of which bears the responsibility of the instigator and advocate of the demonstration, this accusation is completely false, and falls within the framework of misinformation and blindness, especially since all the facts refute the party’s entire narrative and its false newspaper, as the party has prepared a group He sent it out of a preconceived notion and determination to sow discord, and this group clashed with the people.


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