UN launches Ebola vaccination campaign in Congo


UN launches Ebola vaccination campaign in Congo


Vaccination campaign against the deadly Ebola epidemic in the Congo

The World Health Organization announced, on Wednesday, that its delegates began vaccinating the people of eastern Congo against the Ebola virus, after it was confirmed last week that the disease had killed a young child.

“People at high risk of contracting the disease, including family members of the young boy and health workers, will receive the first doses of the vaccine manufactured by Merck,” the organization said in a statement.

And she continued: “About a thousand doses of the vaccine arrived in Goma, the capital of the Kivu region in the Congo, and 200 doses were sent to the nearby city of Beni, where the first case was monitored last week.”

The outbreak of the new Ebola virus comes after the devastating epidemic of 2018, when the disease killed more than 2,200 people in the region.

Source: “AB”


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