Ubisoft postpones upcoming Ghost Recon Frontline game due to fan criticism


The planned Ghost Recon Frontline game has been postponed to an indefinite date following the widespread criticism it has received from fans since the moment its trailer was revealed.

Ubisoft surprised everyone earlier this month with the announcement of Ghost Recon Frontline—a free game that pits players against each other in style. battle royale The famous, within the world of Ghost Recon. Instead of getting fans excited, thousands were disappointed and Ubisoft couldn’t ignore the huge amount of negativity the announcement was receiving.

According to a report VGC، in a advertisement Posted via GRFrontline’s Twitter account, the development team has talked about postponing the closed testing of Ghost Recon Frontline and hasn’t given any information on its return. Instead, the message reads, “The development team is committed to making the best experience possible. We will share more details on the new date for the closed beta phase as soon as possible.” The link to play the game early is now showing a 404 error.

when you look at YouTube Comments For the ad presentation, you will quickly know the reaction of the players. “Nobody, nobody ever asked for this” and “Rest in peace Ghost Recon, at least Tom Clancy no longer lives to see this trash.” In addition, the show now has 17,000 likes to 4,400 likes, which shows that something needs to be done about it.

Attempting to turn any popular game into a free gadget-based experience will always attract criticism and outrage, but the reaction to Ghost Recon Frontline has been to prompt Ubisoft to rethink the entire project. Will he ever see the light? We have to wait and see.


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