Twitter founder warns of a crisis that “will change everything”




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Twitter founder Jack Dorsey

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey participated in the controversy surrounding the problem of high prices in the United States and the world at large, stressing that this crisis “will change everything.”

“Hyperinflation will change everything. It’s happening now,” Dorsey wrote in a tweet on Saturday evening.

The tweet comes as consumer price inflation rises to its highest level in 30 years in the United States, which raises concern that the problem may be worse than experts expected.

On Friday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged that inflation pressures are “likely to persist for longer than previously anticipated,” noting that they may persist “into the year ahead.”

He added that he expects the Federal Reserve to soon begin to roll back the extraordinary measures it has introduced to help the economy, which critics say have fueled inflation.

Source: “Twitter” + agencies


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