Turki Al-Sheikh opens the second season of the Riyadh season with a festive atmosphere.. Video


The President of the General Authority for Entertainment inaugurated the Saudi Arabia، Turki Al Sheikh، Riyadh season In its second edition, on Wednesday evening, amid a noisy festive atmosphere.

The head of the General Authority for Entertainment thanked Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, saying: “We have an inspiring leadership that pushed every Saudi to rise to the limit of ambition.”

While two giant portraits of King Salman and the Saudi monarch appeared, at the beginning of the opening Riyadh season.

He said that the slogan of the new season is “Imagine more,” pointing out that the head of the Entertainment Authority indicated that the number of people attending the opening ceremony reached 250,000 people.

وضم Riyadh season Entertainment and cultural events will continue until 25 December.

There are 14 entertainment areas during this season, more than 7,500 events, 10 international exhibitions, 350 Arab and international theatrical performances, an electronic games tournament, 100 interactive experiences, 18 Arab plays, 6 international plays, and international car exhibitions and auctions, according to the agency. the news Saudi Arabia earlier about Turki Al Sheikh.

In addition to “six international concerts, 70 cafes, 200 restaurants, including 10 international restaurants for the first time in the Kingdom, more than 30 tons of fireworks, a free wrestling concert, more than 76 Arab concerts, and two international football matches.”


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