Tonight: Ahmed El-Sakka wins the Creative Achievement Award at the opening of El Gouna Festival


El Gouna Film Festival honors at the opening ceremony of its fifth session, to be held tonight, the star Ahmed El Sakka The Creative Achievement Award, becoming the fourth Egyptian star to receive the award after the artist Adel Imam, Khaled El-Sawy and Mohamed Henedy, and the El Gouna Festival confirmed that El-Sakka deserved honor due to his exceptional cinematic career and his outstanding contribution to the Egyptian film industry scene, which spans more than two decades.

Ahmed El Sakka
Poster honoring Ahmed El Sakka – Photo from the El Gouna Festival account on Instagram

The official statement on the merits of crowning El-Sakka with the Creative Achievement Award referred to the great role played by the artist Ahmed El-Sakka during his long artistic career, through which he deserved the award.

The statement added: The El Gouna Film Festival awards the 2021 Creative Achievement Award to the Egyptian star in recognition of his exceptional artistic journey and outstanding contribution to the film industry. Al-Sakka is considered the pioneer of modern action cinema in the Middle East, and his film career is rich in diverse and successful performances, whether by presenting action films, comedies or romances, he performs each role with tremendous dedication and rare sincerity, which proves the rarity of his talent.

The star, Bushra, a member of the festival’s Supreme Committee, also revealed the reasons for choosing Ahmed El-Sakka to honor him, stressing that the selection was made unanimously by the festival’s organizers, because of his leadership in action films in the Arab world, and his development of the film industry in Egypt.

Ahmed El-Sakka spoke about his honor at the El Gouna Festival, and told the festival office: It is a great honor for me to be honored and awarded the Creative Achievement Award for this year’s El Gouna Film Festival. As I get my career back.

Al-Sakka continued his speech, saying: I remember all the greats of the film industry who influenced my career, taught me and inspired me. I am so grateful to them, along with my family and dear fans for all the love and support they have given me over the years. I owe this achievement to all these amazing individuals who stood by me at every step.

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