Today, the Green Initiatives Summit kicks off in Saudi Arabia


Today, the Green Initiatives Summit kicks off in Saudi Arabia

Leaders of regional and international organizations discuss in Riyadh issues of transition to environmental projects

Saturday – 17 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1443 AH – 23 October 2021 AD Issue No. [

Riyadh: Abdulhadi Habtoor

The activities of the “Green Saudi Initiative” and “Green Middle East Initiative” forum will be launched today in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, with the wide participation of heads of states, regional and international organizations, and CEOs of major companies.
The “Green Saudi Arabia” and “Green Middle East” initiatives announced by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in March 2021 confirm the Kingdom’s keenness to combat climate change and desertification and protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions and adopting agricultural plans to plant more than 10 billion trees Within the Kingdom, and 40 billion trees in the Middle East.
The organization of the activities of these two initiatives, which will continue until October 25, comes within the framework of Saudi Arabia’s determination to create a global and lasting impact, in the face of climate change, the protection of land and nature, and a strong and effective contribution to achieving global goals, thus pushing the wheel of climate-related crises in a way. Regional and international coordinator.
The Kingdom sent invitations to attend the Green Saudi Initiative Forum and the Green Middle East Initiative Summit, to many world heads of state and government officials, in addition to CEOs of major companies in the invited countries, and a number of other heads of international organizations, academics, specialists in the environmental field and civil society institutions.
The forum is attended by Saudi ministers, including the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the Governor of the Public Investment Fund, the President of NEOM, and the CEO of the Royal Commission for Riyadh City, from Saudi Arabia, along with international and regional experts and global leaders, to discuss the “Green Middle East Initiative” summit. And reaching consensus on measures to meet common environmental commitments, and the Kingdom will cooperate with neighboring countries to combat climate change beyond its geographical borders, within the framework of a joint collective action.
The Saudi Green Initiative forum discusses the challenges of energy transition and balancing, as well as carbon-intensive industries and new investment opportunities in the green economy.
According to the official information released, the forum will discuss the oceans, atmosphere, space, waterfront, species of organisms and ecosystems, at a time when a feasibility study on the “circular bio-economy” will be presented, while the role of cities in building sustainable societies will be discussed. In its discussions, the forum will discuss the creation of financing mechanisms for green transformation and that it must be from a new perspective and not through the usual business pattern, pointing to the focus on the demand for adopting mega projects to transform into the green concept and advance sustainable transformation.
The youth file will be environmentally present for the first time, as an independent summit will be devoted to them, emphasizing the need to take the initiative to lead youth to climate action and transform into a change industry and work to develop education in order to train future environmental entrepreneurs and harness technologies, support increasing vegetation cover and preserving marine life, up to How to harness the power of music to improve the environment and raise awareness.
The Green Saudi Initiative aims to plant 10 billion trees, which is equivalent to rehabilitating 40 million hectares of degraded land. The initiative unites national efforts at the local level in environmental programs and the transition towards clean energy and sustainability, including raising the percentage of protected areas to more than 30% cent of the area of ​​the Kingdom.
The Green Middle East Initiative heralds the start of a new era of climate diplomacy and international cooperation, as the Kingdom continues to engage various stakeholders to achieve common goals in combating climate change, including planting 50 billion trees (equivalent to 5 percent of the global goal, and achieving a 2.5 percent reduction in percent of global carbon levels).
The initiative aims to identify ways to reduce carbon emissions from oil production in the region by more than 60 percent, in addition to what more initiatives will achieve in reducing carbon emissions by more than 10 percent of global contributions.

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