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Age is inevitable, whether it’s white hair starting to appear on the ends of your head, or a wrinkle on your forehead, but luckily there are ways to look younger, if you want to, of course! What are the ways to resist aging for men, as mentioned by the website of the “Men’s Health” magazine.

eye care

Research has shown that the skin around the eyes is the most accurate indicator of aging. According to a Slovenian study at the University of Ljubljana, 50 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 daily helps improve skin elasticity, and you can find it in eggs and oils.

lip care

If the contrast between the lips and the skin around them is lost, the person often appears older. It also mentions a study published in the specialized online journal “PLOS ONE”. For this, a transparent moisturizer should be used that protects the color of the lips.

Avoid sweets

Not only does excessive sugar intake cause weight gain, but according to a study published in the Dutch journal Clinical Dermotology, it also contributes to skin aging by disrupting the collagen function in the connective tissue.However, it is recommended to eat bitter chocolate, as a Korean study recommends of the National University of Seoul on taking 12 grams of cocoa daily, as it has the ability to repair skin damage caused by sunlight.

Eat healthy food

Men’s Health recommends drinking pomegranate juice daily, as well as cucumber and beetroot juice, in addition to using turmeric in food, which helps prevent age-related muscle deterioration.

Sports and meditation

The importance of exercise is no secret, but it is necessary to do push-ups. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that the risk of a heart attack decreases by 96 percent over 10 years if you do 40 push-ups.

It is also important to relax in order to avoid stress, which usually leads to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, so relaxation helps to restore youthfulness to the body.



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