Tik Tok threatens teenage girls and causes convulsions and involuntary movements for them


Khabarni – Doctors in many countries of the world revealed that some teenage girls suffer from involuntary convulsions, bodily shaking movements and verbal attacks. As a result of using the Tik Tok application.

Infections among girls with neurological diseases increased with the onset of the Corona epidemic. They were watching Tik-Tok clips of people with Tourette’s syndrome.

The adolescents’ symptoms were functional neurological disorders, a category of pain that includes some vocal tics and abnormal body movements that are not associated with violence.

To get rid of these tics, doctors recommended cognitive behavioral therapy, telling patients to stay away from Tik Tok for several weeks.

Dr. Olvera, who studied 3,000 TikTok videos as part of her research, found that 19 of the 28 most followed influencers on the app reported developing new involuntary movements as a result of watching videos.


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