This is what Ahmed El-Sakka revealed about his family.. Here are the details


The Egyptian actor spokeAhmed El SakkaAbout his family, noting that his media wife Maha al-Saghir, whom he married at the age of 24, means a lot to him, saying: “We almost raised each other because we sat alone for a while. Our Lord honored us with Yassin, Nadia and Hamza.”

Al-Saqa confirmed that his children are his friends, and he always plays with them, in addition to training in boxing with his son Hamza, and his daughter Nadia is “the dawa of her father, as he described it.”
As for his son Yassin, he studies acting, directing and photography, and he had an experience, but it was not completed. “He returned to his studies and may God do what is good for him, and I substitute him for this sweet advice and this is the beast, as my father taught me and worked with me.”
He concluded his speech by saying, “The best thing in my career and life is my family.”
Al-Sakka’s words came during a television appearance he had with the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, on the “A Last Word” program broadcast on the “ON” satellite channel.


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