This is how the Minister of Energy commented that some station owners closed them on the pretext of waiting for the new pricing


The Minister of Energy and Water, Dr. Walid Fayyad, issued the following statement:

“With great regret, while I am outside Lebanon on an official mission, I continued the behavior that some owners of gas stations closed this morning in front of the citizens under the pretext of waiting for the new price, and its response to the companies not delivering this article, which led to widespread confusion, which I considered a major defect that harmed the Citizens’ interests and constituted blackmail and a violation of all applicable laws.

The statement added: “They should have continued to deliver this vital material to its requesters from people and institutions as long as no new pricing was issued, especially knowing that most of the stations have a stock of fuel that was purchased according to the current pricing.
The Minister of Energy and Water warns of the dangers of such actions under penalty of responsibility and take the legal requirement against the violators.
Minister Fayyad affirms that it was agreed to the participation of the rest of the stakeholders, especially the Ministry of Economy – the Consumer Protection Department, the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and all security forces committed to combating this dangerous phenomenon in preparation for inflicting the most severe penalties on the monopolistic violators who exploit the Lebanese people with their most basic rights, as if what they are suffering is not enough. ”

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