The word “spontaneous” implicated Ahmed El-Sakka… and the artist: I do not dare


After being honored at the fifth edition of the El Gouna Film Festival, receiving the Creative Achievement Award, Egyptian artist Ahmed El Sakka found himself in trouble.

His improvisational speech during the honoring caused widespread controversy, as he went up to the stage and told everyone that he had not prepared a speech for the occasion, and he decided to improvise, then he spoke about the state of Egyptian cinema after the setback of 67 until the end of the nineties when he presented the movie “Ismailia Rayeh Gay” and after it “Saeedi fi American University,” considering that cinema at that time was narrow.

The artist used an Egyptian expression and said: “Its creation is narrow,” which was considered by a large number of filmmakers to reduce the size of the films presented in this great period.

Apologize and end the debate

After the controversy, Al-Sakka was keen to clarify his point of view in the press conference held on Friday afternoon on the occasion of his honor at the festival, stressing that he does not dare to detract from the works that were presented in the past, explaining that he meant in his speech the technologies that were not available as well as the theaters, so he did not Movies get their right to show, which is why the industry has been stifled, he says.

And he added in the Egyptian dialect: “If someone misunderstood, I apologize.” The artist resolved the controversy with his words.

And about new

El-Sakka revealed a new project with international star Van Damme, where he confirmed that the work was completely frozen, without knowing the reason, as they were going to present a movie together.

And about his appearance next Ramadan, he announced his participation in the third part of the series “The Choice” alongside the duo Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Ezz.

While the Egyptian artist revealed that he received treatment after the series “The Offspring of the Strangers”, which was shown last Ramadan, after he suffered from the fourth nerve.


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