The third dose of the Corona vaccine raises controversy


Khabarni – The talk about giving citizens who received two doses of anti-Coronavirus vaccines a “new or third dose”, sparked widespread controversy in Egypt.

The Ministry of Health and Population and the Scientific Committee to Confront the Corona Virus confirmed the Egyptian government’s stability in granting a third dose of vaccines, but a year after the citizen received the second dose of the vaccine.

On the other hand, a number of health experts and scientists said that the third dose can be obtained after 9 months of vaccinations, but the date of granting this dose is still “unspecified”.

And the Egyptian Minister of Health and Population, Hala Zayed, spoke a few days ago, about the start of taking the third dose of vaccines during the first quarter of the year 202 according to Sky News.

An official source said that the government’s current trend is to “move the vaccination with the new dose to the second quarter of 2022.”

The source linked the expected date of the start of the “new dose”, with the requirement to complete the vaccination of Egyptians who deserve the first and second doses.

The source stated that the various health authorities in Egypt agreed on the importance of taking a third dose, to increase the citizens’ immunity against Corona.

Medical studies estimate the period of immunity arising from taking vaccines, ranging from 6 months to a year, which means that the new dose will create new immunity against the virus, and not enhance the effectiveness of the previous two doses.

Official statistics and statements estimate the number of doses given to citizens at more than 32 million doses of different vaccines.

Egypt is currently producing about 2 million doses of Corona vaccines per week, in cooperation with the Chinese government, to manufacture the “Sinovac-Vaxera” vaccine, with expectations of Egypt bringing in 7 million doses of vaccines from abroad during the coming period, according to the Egyptian Minister of Health.

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the Presidential Adviser for Health and Prevention Affairs, Muhammad Taj al-Din, said that many scientific studies were conducted recently about giving a new dose, or what is known as the “third dose”.

He added that the general trend in Egypt is “to give the new dose after completing the vaccination of those wishing to take the vaccines in both doses, with the aim of strengthening and creating what is known as community immunity.”

Taj El-Din explained that “there is no medical objection to taking the third dose, except for the availability of the type of vaccine from which the citizen received two doses in the past.”

The official pointed out that Egypt has a “huge amount” of various vaccines, with efforts from all concerned authorities in the country to provide them, and international cooperation with Egypt in this regard.

With the availability of about 60 million doses of vaccines in Egypt, the government has issued official directives to prevent non-vaccinated citizens from entering government facilities, as of mid-November.

The government required employees who did not have the vaccine to submit a recent PCR analysis result of negative infection against corona every 3 days.

Egypt began vaccinating medical staff, with two doses of vaccines, in mid-March 2021, after which it expanded in granting vaccines, according to the most needy groups, such as the elderly and those with chronic diseases.


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